Introduction to S. F. E. Group

S.F.E. Group was founded in 2019 after the merger of three world leading OEM’s in the field of pipe fabrication tooling and machinery: B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC (USA), Mathey Dearman Inc. (USA) and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialist Ltd. (UK).  S.F.E. Group offers a wide range of products and is continuously exploring new product design and further development as well as add on acquisitions to enhance its portfolio and to fulfil increasing industries’ demands.

With offices and warehousing on 4 continents, 100 employees and more than 250 partnerships and distributors worldwide, S.F.E. Group prides itself in consistently offering the highest standard of both product quality and service to all our customers. We look forward to welcoming you into our global network as a S.F.E. Group partner, distributor or end user customer and remain at your disposal at any time.



TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd. based in the United Kingdom are innovators and manufactures of a comprehensive range of pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines. TAG has over 35 employees and have established multiple locations across 4 continents.

TAG manufacture a large range of I/D locking portable end PREP machines ranging from ½" to 42". TAG bevelling machines can produce all types of weld preparations required on any kind of metals from standard carbon steel to tough material such as super duplex and inconel.

TAG also manufacture a diverse range of small, medium and large diameter pipe cutting and bevelling machines covering from 1" to 120" pipe, with designs available for both workshop and job site applications.



B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools, LLC is based in Houston Texas and are recognized as an aggressive and growing brand in the pipe and heavy industrial construction markets. B&B has approximately 40 employees and sells its products internationally on every continent.

Over the past several years, B&B has led the market in the pipe jack and stand product category offering more models and innovative variations than any other manufacturer. With thousands of products sold every year, B&B is one of the recognized leaders in this category.

B&B’s line of material handling carts and buggies compliments the jacks and stands product category from a distribution and supply chain perspective. This line also allows further expansion into new product markets.



Mathey Dearman based in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an 80-year-old company with 45 employees. Mathey Dearman is known as the pioneer of Mathey saddle type pipe cutters and bevellers, as well as Dearman type alignment and reforming clamps.

Mathey manufactures multiple flame and plasma pipe cutters and bevellers and are recognized as the leader in this product category. These machines are used across multiple fabrication projects, most commonly found in the energy construction markets.

With the invention of the Dearman clamp taking lead, additional pipe alignment and reforming clamps are now offered exhibiting the most complete line in the industry.

A new line of pipe rigging products will be offered under the Mathey brand in 2020. Pipe slings and cradles, pipe launchers and rigging rollers add focus on a complimentary pipeline product category to Mathey saddle machines and cage clamps.



We are also excited to launch a new brand called Pipe Purging Masters (PPM). This brand will offer a comprehensive and innovative range of pipe purging equipment.

PPM’s range of purge systems greatly reduce the purging time and give significant gas savings while producing a top quality weld.

PPM also offer a full range of weld purge monitoring systems to accurately measure the level of oxygen within the weld chamber for high quality purity welding.

In addition to our purging systems and purge monitors PPM also offer an extensive range of pipe stoppers from inflatable stoppers available in all shapes, sizes and materials, as well as expanding stoppers available in nylon, steel and aluminium.



We are also excited to launch a new brand called FIT-UP PRO By Mathey Dearman. This brand will offer a comprehensive and innovative range of layout and fit up tools.

Fit-Up Pro offers several tools specific to pipe layout. A new pocket level and fitters torpedo level are made from aircraft aluminum balancing light weight and durability.

A newly designed pipe centering tool adds magnets for hands free use and comes with a right angle square and handy ruler markings, and our line of radius markers is great for laying out a radius or circles up to 100 inches. Check out our complete line of layout tools from Fit-Up Pro.

Our spider clamps are great for flange fit up and we also offer other types of alignment pipe clamps that save time and increase productivity. Two hole pins, flange alignment bolts and stepped wedges are also time savers that compliment this line, along with various squares and protractors.  We even offer two types of flange spreaders, manual and hydraulic that assist in safe maintenance and preparation for re-fit of flanges. Contact us for information on our new brand, Fit-Up Pro.