PPM Handy Purge 100 Self Calibrating Weld Purge Monitor

Measures oxygen levels down to 0.01% (100ppm)

The entry level, welders’ toolbox monitor

Inert gas welding requires the exclusion of oxygen from the weld zone during the welding process.

Prior to the welding process, the residual oxygen concentration must be reduced to a required minimum.

The Handy Purge is specifically designed to indicate oxygen concentration up to 0.01% and to exactly measure oxygen concentration up to 0.1%.

Within this range, it is absolutely safe to weld and produce an oxygen-free weld seam (exceptions include special metals such as titanium, zirconium, etc.).

The Handy Purge can be used both for continuous monitoring during the welding process and for taking samples.

Routine inspections for quality control are extremely simplified using this device.

The analyser works with all purge systems and argon welding systems.

It is small, easy to handle and has a rugged enclosure.

Download our Handy Purge 100 Self Calibrating Weld Purge Monitor Catalogue Here

    PPM Handy Purge 100 Self Calibrating Weld Purge Monitor

    Features and Advantages

    • Minimum waiting time. The device tells you exactly when the residual oxygen concentration of a purge gas is low enough to start welding. You need no longer rely on rough estimations. This saves both time and gas
    • Reduced purge gas consumption. Exact monitoring of the residual oxygen avoids unnecessary purge gas consumption and allows you to produce oxygen-free weld seams
    • Top-quality weld seams
    • Top quality is guaranteed, as too early welding and hence porous, coloured or even charred weld seams can be avoided
    • Duplex / Stainless steel. The Handy Purge Weld Purge Monitor can be used for all stainless steel, duplex and certain titanium welding applications
    • Eliminates guess work


    How it works

    The PPM Handy Purge™ Weld Purge Monitor comes complete and ready to use straight out of the box.

    It is the most economical user friendly monitor in the market accurately measuring the Oxygen levels in the purged weld areas, to let the welder know when is the correct time to start welding.

    This reduces waiting time and gas consumption and ensures perfect oxide free welds.

    For continuous monitoring during the welding process connect one end of the rubber hose to the sensor adapter and leave the other end outside the purging area to let the residual oxygen flow away from the welding area.

    For taking samples connect the stainless steel probe to the sensor adapter.

    The probe then measures the residual oxygen concentration in the purging/welding area.

    Also connect the vacuum hand pump to the sensor adapter and squeeze it a couple of times to let a sample of the gas flow to the sensor.

    The device’s LCD is 13 mm high, which is big enough to identify the displayed values easily also from a distance of a few meters.

    As soon as the residual oxygen concentration is down to the required minimum, you may start with the welding process.


    The kit consists of

    • Handy Purge Weld
    • Purge Monitor
    • 1m hose with flow adapter
    • Stainless steel probe
    • Vacuum hand pump
    • Plastic Carry Case
    • Instructions
    • Calibration Certificate



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