PPM Double Seal System

Sizes: ¾ to 12" (16 to 320mm)

Purge pipes fast with minimal gas usage

PPM also manufactures The Silicone Double Seal purging system that has been designed to further reduce both inert gas use and purging time.

These systems, use silicon discs to form an air tight seal, reducing purge times, and gas usage for maximum efficiency.

There are 2 styles of silicon double seal systems available:

The Gas Finger system is designed for small pipes and tubes from 16 to 38mm i/d

The Double Seal systems are made for pipes from 3/4 to 12" (16 to 320mm)

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    PPM The Double Seal System

    Features and Advantages

    • Typical purge times of less than 2 minutes (e.g. an 8" Pipe will purge to below 0.01% Oxygen in less than 2 minutes)
    • High quality silicon sealing disks that prevent them tilting or falling over inside the pipe
    • Guaranteed gas tight seal
    • UV and temperature resistant up to 330ºC continuously or 450ºC for short periods
    • Suitable for purging pipes, elbows and fittings
    • The silicon seal units can be separated and used as a gas finger and pipe stopper respectively



    How it works

    The gas inlet and outlet are provided with twin sealing discs separated by a flexible, rigid or a spring-type tube.

    The design also guarantees that at least one disc will always remain tight to the pipe wall creating a 100% seal.

    The discs are UV and temperature-resistant up to 330ºC for up to one hour.

    The gas is diffused into the chamber via the built in sintered diffuser and exits through the exhaust holes in the secondary twin disc unit.

    This process of gas diffusion provides an even flow of gas and prevents any gas turbulence behind the weld, thereby minimising the risk of oxygen in the welding chamber while, at the same time, achieving an extremely short purge time.

    These extremely short purge times result in valuable cost savings in gas and time.

    Besides the very short purging time, the Silicon Seal System also offers the possibility to cover various nominal pipe diameters by one pair of baffles enabling highly economic use of the device.

    The double seal system can be purchased individually or in kit form for a range of pipe diameters.

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