TAG E-Z PipeCut NC Pipe Profiling Machine

TAG E-Z Pipecut NC Pipe Profiling Machine is designed for cutting shapes and contours in to pipes, and profiling pipe ends.

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    The TAG E-Z Pipecut NC Pipe Profiling Machine is easy to use and comes as standard with software for cutting shapes including saddles (T-Pipe cutting), mitre (Elbow Pipe cutting) and hole cutting etc.

    The TAG NC controller allows the user to select standard pre-set loaded software for described shapes which operators can use on all pipe sizes.

    The TAG E-Z Pipecut NC Pipe Profiling Machine comes with the option to order CAD/CAM software to make own cutting programs, but also gives the user the opportunity to up-load existing cutting drawings to the NC controller.

    The TAG E-Z Pipecut NC Pipe Profiling Machine can be used for both Plasma or Oxy Fuel cutting processes.

    Optional conversion kits from plasma cutting to oxy fuel cutting or from oxy fuel cutting to plasma cutting can be provided.



    Minimal lead-time:

    No delivery lead-time

    On-demand production - Operators can make their own modifications to programs and parameters to ensure profiles fit accurately together


    Flexibility in production:

    Re-designing of pipes at any time

    Production of parts based on fitting to the actual final assembly (not only depending on drawing)




    Scope of delivery

    E-Z Pipecut NC Pipe Cutting Machine body
    NC controller
    Plasma torch holder
    24" (600 mm) adjustable chain
    CAD/CAM software

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Mathey Dearman Inc., B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC, and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialist Ltd. are proud to announce the merging of the three companies into one business. While the strong brand names will continue, the new organization will be named Specialized Fabrication Equipment Group, or The S.F.E. Group.