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TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd together with our Belgium Sister Company PES...

Design, manufacture, intergrate and install a comprehensive range of manipulation and automation equipment from Turn Tables, to Column and Booms, to Custom equipment.

We are proud to introduce PES (Pipe Equipment Specialists BVBA) as a wholly owned subsidiary of TAG PIPE based in Belgium.

PES are engaged in a continuous research and development program to provide welding automation and manipulation equipment and systems geared to the fast changing needs of the welding industry for welding & cladding / overlay.

PES has partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies in their respective fields and offers cross-integration solutions, consultancy and training activities.

PES are specialist manufacturers, designers, innovators and integrators of a wide range of manipulation and automation equipment for fabrication workshops and on site activities. 

Main work scopes:

• Welding automation and integration

• Manipulation equipment

• Cladding / overlay systems

• Circle welders and cutters

• Refurbishment and upgrade programs of existing manipulation equipment

• Tailor-made solutions on request

Some of the equipment we offer includes:

• Column and booms: size from 2m x 2m up to 15m x 15m (front load weight capacity standard 400kg or 800kg)

• Welding positioners: weight capacity from 0.6 ton till 150 ton (various types)

• Welding rotators: weight capacity from 1 ton till 2000 ton (various types)

Mosten 13, 9160 Lokeren, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)9 395 20 38
E-mail: info@pes-europe.com

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